What to Expect

Quick Facts

  • Participation is completely voluntary
  • The study takes about six months, with up to seven in-person visits (four of these visits may be completed by telephone)
  • Participants complete daily stool diaries and provide stool samples at visits
  • Participants compensated up to $500
  • Study treatment and medication provided at no cost to participant
  • Reimbursement for travel costs provided

Note: RECOVER is no longer enrolling new participants.

Thank you for participating in the RECOVER clinical trial.

Your first visit to a clinic will consist of a series of questions to confirm if you are eligible. After that, you will need to return to the clinic a few more times. Your participation from beginning to end will take about six months.

Informed consent provided for reference only.

Visit Schedule

Visit 1 About 2 hours Answer questions to determine if you are eligible to participant
Visit 2 About 2 hours
  • Receive treatment
  • Brief observation
  • Instructions for daily diaries
  • Receive study pills
  • Visit 3
  • Visit 4
  • Visit 5
  • Visit 6
  • Visit 7
About 1 hour Visits 4, 5, 6, and 7 may be completed by telephone
  • Review of daily diaries
  • Collect stool sample
  • Discuss health changes